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yuletide III: yule tidier

Dear writer,

Hello! It's a Yuletide letter! This shit is happening!

So, here's the thing: if we've matched on a fandom that's made you go, 'oh, thank goodness, I've had a story about these guys I've been meaning to write for AGES' - then go for it! Absolutely go for it. I'm super excited to read anything about any of these fandoms, honestly, so don't worry about the stuff I've written below if it doesn't quite chime with something that you're already thinking of. But here's some things I particularly like, for a bit of help or inspiration if you do want it.

In general: I hang around in slash fandoms, mostly, but that doesn't mean I won't be delighted with something that's gen or het. Any rating, any style, fluffy and silly right through to dark and depressing, I'm cool with it! I don't have any specific triggers to avoid, but I'd rather not read anything non-consensual. Though I'm aware that both The Pride and Kavalier & Clay deal with rape and dubious consent in the source material, so I don't mind if your story needs this to feature in an abstract, non-explicit way.

The Pride

Oliver: It's a history of sorts.
Philip: Yes.
Oliver: You and I...
Philip: What about us?
Oliver: We have a history of sorts.

So. This fucking play. I have a million feelings about everything and everyone in it, which have been helpfully rekindled by the current London revival (cheers, Jamie Lloyd!).

I can't pick favourites in terms of the 1958 or the present day characters, so feel free to run with either or both. In 1958, I love the repression, the stiltedness of conversation, Oliver's quiet self-knowledge and Philip's outward composure versus his inner turmoil. The build-up of tension and restraint until it rips out in short, sharp, irrepressible bursts of emotion or physicality. How did Oliver and Philip's affair begin? Who instigated it? How did it end? Does it end? How did Philip cope with his therapy? In the present, I love the brutal reality of it all; Oliver's addiction and masochism are fascinating. (Does it reflect anything in 1958?) If Oliver is addicted to sex with strangers, Philip is addicted to him - he keeps coming back - why? And we don't see as much of Philip in 2008 as 1958, so there's loads to explore there. How similar to his past counterpart is he? A crude analysis might say that in 1958, Philip is the barrier to their happy relationship; in the present day, it's Oliver. True? Untrue?

(You don't have to answer any of those questions!)

I didn't list Sylvia as a requested character in case I could only be matched with people who only offered Oliver and Philip, but she is obviously excellent, so feel free to involve her too.


Right. It's been canonically stated, somewhere or other, that Mike and Dexter end up getting together and moving to South London. WHAT. AMAZING. I would read absolutely anything about this, or not directly about this but about what the hell is going on between them. What is the background to the Robot Wars clash? Was there a frisson of sexual and romantic tension in that basement? How did they get togther? Do they still sort of hate each other? Did they ever really hate each other? Are Private Iron and War Bastard still around? And what are the other rules of Robot Club??

(You don't have to answer any of those questions either...)

Again, I've only requested Mike and Dexter here for ease of matching, but I have no objections to any of the other characters taking part in this story! (Did any of them see this coming? Did all of them see this coming?)

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

The only character I've requested here is Tom Mayflower/The Escapist, because I love love love the world that Sammy and Joe create, the universe within the universe - so I'd happily read an actual story just about, you know, the Escapist going about his business. Alternatively, I'd love anything about how the character interacts with and overlaps with the 'real' world that Sammy and Joe inhabit, and especially anything involving his intersection with Tracy Bacon. I enjoy everything about superheroes and secret identities and double lives, and there's even more layers of that than usual in this character - The Escapist is the alter ego of Tom Mayflower, both of whom are kind of the alter ego of Tracy Bacon, and also arguably some kind of alter ego of Sam Clay...? I don't know, man, big blond all-American superheroes coming out of skinny Jewish teenagers is interesting forever.

Again, please include any other characters you like - the Escapist's crack team of associates; or Sammy, Joe, Rosa, Tracy, etc; or the characters created for their other comic books that we see even less of, if you want! - whatever.

The only thing I can think of that could possibly come out of this request that I wouldn't really like is anything out-and-out Sam/Joe (though have no objections to Joe's presence complicating Sammy's sexual confusion). Happy to read something involving Sam/Tracy or Joe/Rosa, though.


This is probably the vaguest and least helpful of my requests. Apols! But I just want to read anything about Mike and Tino, basically. I think some what got to me about this film was the intense physicality of it - the focus on bodies, and on the amazing things they can do, and bodies having to be in tune with each other - right the way through to the characters having physical fights instead of being able to express how they are feeling in words. And if you're writing a story involving anything post-film, I've got no preference on whether you 'fix' the ending or not - it broke my heart but I kind of like it when films do that, so, either way I'll enjoy it.

Anyway! Thanks again, Yuletide writer, for choosing one of these fandoms. You've got really good taste, by the way, did you know that? I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with, and I'm easily pleased, I promise, so don't stress about anything I've written here. I'm sure I will love whatever you can give me!

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