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Yuletide IV: A New Hope

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Holy shit, you really want to write in one of these fandoms for me? You have really good taste, you know that?

Optional details are optional. Write what you want to write, seriously. But if you want some inspiration or just an idea of a few things I like in general, then sure, let me tell you about that.

In general: I hang around in slash fandoms, mostly, but that doesn't mean I won't read het or gen. Any rating, any style, fluffy and silly through to dark and depressing, sweet and innocent through to wall-to-wall porn, I'm cool with it! I don't have any specific triggers to avoid, but I would rather not read anything explicitly non-consensual.

James I: The Key Will Keep The Lock
Okay, so - I mean - I was into this play for so many legitimate, normal-person reasons. It was great! It was surprisingly funny! There were more ladies in it than I expected, being cooler than I expected! I learnt a lot about medieval Scottish history (or an approximation of what we think might have happened in this period of medieval Scottish history)! What a great night out. But apparently, the element of this lavish, fascinating, important production that has stayed with me was that one scene at the beginning where Henry V was, like, the biggest dickhead. And he and James have this weeeeeird-ass relationship because James is literally his prisoner. But also Henry genuinely wants him to learn about how to be a good king because he's not going to be around much longer. But also he wants him to know that Henry is always going to be the one in charge, the one who comes out on top, and that James will never be able to change that, probably even after he's dead. What can I say, that bit where they wrestled each other and then Henry made him kneel, I was a hot mess. I had some very specific feelings about all that shit.

Do what you like with them, man. Fic about them growing up, and Henry's cruel fascination with this quiet, serious boy he's not allowed to be friends with, locked up in the tower. Fic about Henry dragging James round the country with him, displaying him as a king, never giving him enough quite enough power for it to stop it feeling like a horrible joke. Fic where they keep having sex with each other and then are both furious about it. Fic that is none of the above. ANYTHING.

Blimey, I haven't watched this film for what feels like forever - but it is one of my hardy Yuletide perennials that I always stick in the list and hope for. Probably I should have watched it again before I wrote this letter. SORRY. So my request is unhelpfully vague, but I just want to read anything about Mike and Tino, basically. I think some of what got to me about this film was the intense physicality of it - the focus on bodies, and on the amazing things they can do, and bodies having to be in tune with each other - right the way through to the characters having physical fights instead of being able to express how they are feeling in words. (I'm a big fan of this in general.) And if you're writing a story involving anything post-film, I've got no preference on whether you 'fix' the ending or not - it broke my heart but I kind of like it when films do that, so, either way I'll enjoy it.


It's been canonically stated, somewhere or other, that Mike and Dexter end up getting together and moving to South London. WHAT. AMAZING. I would read absolutely anything about this, or anything not directly about this but about what the hell is going on between them. What is the background to the Robot Wars clash? Was there a frisson of sexual and romantic tension in that basement? How did they get togther? Do they still sort of hate each other? Did they ever really hate each other? Are Private Iron and War Bastard still around? And what are the other rules of Robot Club??

(You don't have to answer any of those questions...)

I've only requested Mike and Dexter here for ease of matching, but I have no objections to any of the other characters in the show taking part in this story! (Did any of them see this coming? Did all of them see this coming?)

You're gonna make my Christmas, Yuletide Writer, for real. Thanks a whole bunch, in advance. xxx
Tags: spaced, trapeze, unexpectedly emotional about scotland, yuletide
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